Abigbox mailboxes: super storage capacity for your emails!

With 25GB, Abigbox mailboxes let you keep all your emails stored online!

ABigBox is the perfect email cloud solution, offered through Rackspace US Inc., for anyone who needs to always have access to the entire history of sent and received emails, without having to worry about deleting, archiving, backing up, etc.

With the 25GB of storage space included in each mailbox, ABigBox is the perfect solution for those who want to use their email on the go, with all their messages always at hand.

Why delete old emails to make room for new ones? With ABigBox you don't ever have to worry about space again!

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If, instead, you need more boxes with less storage space, then our Flexi mailboxes are what you're looking for.

General features

ABigBox Email
Min. capacity 1 GB
Max. capacity 25 GB
Fractional space
Webmail access
Custom mailboxes*
Administration panel
Backup restorable from web (14 days)
Alias number 50
Forward number 15
30-day guarantee
Price per year (VAT not included) Starting from 69€

*Domain registration not included.

Technical details

ABigBox Email
Max. received/sent email limit 35 MB
Antivirus and antispam
Secure SSL connection
POP3 incoming mail server
IMAP incoming mail server
SMTP outgoing mail server
Max numebr of recipients in a message at once 50
Timed autoresponder

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